Monday, March 03, 2008

Posing With Blogaversary Earrings

Mother-Daughter Diptych

I brought the earrings that Marianna had won in last week's drawing to the brunch that the bride's mother gave to watch the opening of the gifts the morning after the wedding. As we waited for the bride and groom, my niece Tiffany was eager to try out the earrings which matched her eyes and her outfit. I thought it would be cool to juxtapose this photo with one I had taken of her mom. I can just hear Tiff going "Ooooooo." But really, it's cute.


Anonymous said...

Julia, thanks for the wedding pictures! The bride would be my first cousin once removed:-) Skip
Oh, how was Sunday's sermon?

Jewels said...

Yay Skip. Your first cousin-in-law once removed is my nephew.