Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sometimes We Are Out Past Our Bedtime

Josh Ritter on stage
photo by John taken with Palm Pilot, a time I wished I had my camera

The other evening, John and I went downtown to the former Ladies' Literary Club to see Josh Ritter in concert. This old historic property was donated by the club to Calvin College to carry on their tradition of lectures and music for the community, and I have been wanting to go there. John had heard that Josh Ritter was like a new Bob Dylan, so I was expecting something more melancholy and out of tune, you know, but what we saw was a very exciting, high-energy concert. He was so funny in between songs when he would make references to the Bronte sisters and Wuthering Heights or Jane Austen and said he was used to playing in places with names like Doc Willoughby's or Elixir. Anyway, it was fun, but a little late for old people on a school night.

Note to Netherlands readers: Josh Ritter will be in Groningen on March 23!


Bridget said...

nice title mom.

Jewels said...

Oh Bridge, you know me.

pearlie said...

How late was it?

Jewels said...

I think we were home by 11 so it wasn't too late, but still, we were yawning :)