Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Good Day

So the day finally arrived yesterday when I needed to wear the dress I affectionately referred to as a "hot babe dress." John & I were invited by our amazing friend Cathy to a benefit down at the Amway Grand Plaza featuring my all-time favorite singer, Fernando Ortega. During the day yesterday, I remember exclaiming to my girls between the orthodontist appointments and the haircut appointments, "This day is going so good." This Fernando song was the soundtrack to my day:

If the rain clouds come
Or the cold winds blow,
You're the one who goes before me
And in my heart I know
This good day
It is a gift from You.
The world is turning in its place
because You made it to.
I lift my voice
To sing a song of praise
On this good day.

We met our friends in the Ambassador Ballroom with great anticipation at 7pm. After supper, he sang his music while playing on a grand piano. If you have ever heard him, you know what a humble artist he is. He told us these really sweet and funny stories between songs that make you appreciate how he sees the world. He sang many of my favorite songs - I think I have 11 cd's of his music.

When it was over, Pastor Henry, who was at our table, went up to him and got his autograph for me. You can't miss Henry - he's 6'8". It said - exact words - "Julia, Grace and Peace to you, Fernando Ortega" I was so touched! Henry urged me to go up there, so John & I did and talked to Fernando for about 5 minutes. John took our picture together:

fernando ortega

So what do you talk about when you meet your favorite singer? Leave it to me - I'll come up with something! I remember at one point telling him about how John is the Chevy Chase of vacation dads and we went to the Four Corners National monument once...

He closed the night with a favorite:


Anonymous said...

When we went to the Crystal Cathedral with your mom and dad, Johnathon Livingston was sitting there playing a Baby Grand. I just love his music so I was taken back to actually see someone whose music I so admired. I know the feeling. Donna

Anonymous said...

That's always a fun thing to do. I got to see Fernando Ortega and Phil Keaggy at a free brown bag several years ago. It was fabulous. Fernando Ortega was great and Phil Keaggy is one of my all time favorites. Awesome.

pearlie said...

A very pretty dress - and it does look like one dress I had.

Jewels said...

Donna & Bean - nothing like seeing it live!

Pearlie - So you are a hot babe too!

Anonymous said...

Julia, I heard Fernando Ortego at a Praise Gathering and he sang Give Me Jesus. I had it sung at both my mom and dad's funerals. I gave my CD to J because I want him to sing it at MCC. I don't have my CD and he hasn't sung it either. Maybe you could work on that?

Annette Selden said...

Very cool, Julia. I'm totally jealous. I have only a picture of myself with Michael W. Smith. But no autograph for me? And too bad he'll never know that we're using one of his songs in our wedding.

Jewels said...

Skip Great idea, I'll see if I can work on that :)

Annette- If you could have been there... I think heaven will be like the Ambassador ballroom with Fernando at the Grand piano, so I'll see you there!

Elizabeth said...


Who is that hot babe with Fernando?

Jewels said...

Elizabeth - haha, I believe you don't recognize me there!