Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

I have been amused by recent stories of the U.S. presidential candidates geneological ties: Obama is 10th cousins 1 removed to President Bush and is related to at least 6 US presidents. Mc Cain is a 6th cousin of first lady Laura Bush. Clinton is related to mostly entertainers. I thought it was about time for me to reveal my family connections:

Rutherford B. Hayes - 7th cousin, 3X removed
Herbert Hoover - 9th cousin, 1X removed
Grover Cleveland - 8th cousin, 2X removed
Franklin D. Roosevelt - 7th cousin, 2X removed
Richard Nixon - 10 cousin, yes it's true
General Willam Tecumseh Sherman - 4th cousin, 5X removed

And if that doesn't qualify me to be a blogger, I don't know what does. Hey, it gave me a topic to blog about for a day!
Note: This only adds to the feeling that something really, really great and good is going to happen someday to me.


Elizabeth said...

I just feel so honored to be your mother! Ha!

Jewels said...

Elizabeth- That's right! I should have called it "Who's your Mommy?" seeing as all these esteemed connections come through my mother's side of the family tree!!!!

Alan said... how did you find this out?

pearlie said...

I don't what all this removed things are :) good excuse to go googling again.

Jewels said...

Uncle Alan,

Opa Bailey had a geneologist do the work many years ago. I was able to find a Conger family tree online awhile ago that I could send you that is quite interesting, but I don't know if any presidents could fir in.

Pearlie - Hope your google was a success - but if not, it means how many generations apart you are.