Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bridget is 13 Today!

Bridget's 3rd Birthday with her new Bitty Baby, 1998

Today, we celebrate the birth of our dear Bridget. She's 13 making her an official teenager. As you can see above, she loves birthday - her own and anyone's really. I'll never forget how she had birthday parties for her Bitty Baby every day when she was 3.

May you always know how much you are treasured, Bridgie!


Elizabeth said...

Dearest Bridget!
Happy, happy 13th birthday! I have a card for you, however, it's still in my desk! Love you dearly!

Marianna said...

Happy Birthday Bridgie! Aunt Mar

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Bridget!

Bridget said...

Thanks everybody!!

pearlie said...

Happy Birthday. Bridget! Looks like I am a day too late, at least over here ... oh ya, and there at your place too :) You are now a teen ;)