Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Painting Pal

In the past, when embarking on various painting projects, both at home and at a friend's house, I have found it to be a fun project to do together. So when I heard my friend Cathy wanted to paint, I was totally game.

The amazing and fun Cathy Flinstone with her art deco vacuum cleaner

Many years ago, when I went to kindergarten, I had to ride the big yellow bus to the "big" public school. I will never forget a red-haired girl on the bus named Cathy who gave me one of those little wax bottles filled with juice. It was the most amazing thing in my little naive world from probably my first ever friend. I thought of that little juice bottle for many, many years and the little red haired girl named Cathy, who I lost track of the next year when I went to a different school. Last week while painting, I thought for awhile I had finally found her until I realized she was from Chicago. Oh well, I can still pretend.

Bridget just came home from school and announced that the nurse inside of her pulled off another "A" on a human body science quiz. High 5!


Marianna said...

Good job Bridgie - will you take care of your Aunt Mar when she gets old?

summerwind_gr said...

Julia--I would have shared a wax bottle of juice with you on a bus in a heartbeat! You are a great new friend to have. :-) I find it funny that you refer to my cartoon nature...Flintstone and the little redhaired girl. Maybe if my Charlie Brown is still crushing on me he can find me on the www now! LOL!!

Jewels said...

Summerwind- Cool, you now have your very own blogger id! I hope Charlie finds you!

Bridget said...

Aunt Mar-
of course I will take care of you.:)

Calvin said...

yeah, if the real Cathy really did konw your blog, you could still keep in touch. oh well. I guess the olden days pass.