Monday, April 21, 2008

The Very Awesome Chili Cook-off

Yesterday, we had a modified version of a church potluck in the form of a chili cook-off. I was very excited to have a good reason to make my all-American chili with a half a bottle of Merlot. Bridget & I had our friends Cathy and Emily over the day before for a pre-chili cook-off.

Cathy cut up her peppers and onions to such perfection and we stood back to admire the beauty!

onions peppers

When we were done making our chili, we let our daughters make their own by combining whatever they wanted and using leftovers and things they could find in the kitchen. They added 1/2 lb. of ground beef, green and yellow peppers, onions, beef broth, cayenne pepper sauce, almond-chocolate candy kisses, diced tomatoes and white cannelini beans. When it needed more liquid, they decided to add the Dr. Pepper I was drinking. When it came time to name the chili, instead of the obvious 4 pepper chili, they chose to name it "Wouldn't You Like to be a Pepper Too?"

dr p chili

Morning came and the next day. After our morning worship, the excitement continued as the crock pots brimming with chili were brought out to the table.

chlli cookoff

The judges were given samples of each chili and very seriously gathered with milk around candlelight.

chili 040

The winner of the Family Friendly category of chili?

chili 043
Emily & Bridget's "Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper Too?" Chili!

It was all gone!!!


Dine With Donna said...

You girls need to send Martha Stewart your recipe. I am sure she could use an original recipe!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bridget and Emily! It's always a good feeling when your dish comes home empty.

Anooja said...

Hii Julia
Long since i checked blogs. I wasnt well and following it, baby wasnt well, and had to be hospatalized for 2 days. dint come to office for 2 weeks.

how r all of u doing. has the weather become warmer? Chennai is so so very hot.

Jewels said...

Donna - Good idea - have you ever heard of putting Dr. P in chili?

Thanks Bean!

Anooja - Sorry to hear you weren't well. I was wondering where you were! It's getting a lot warmer here.

Gracie said...

Excellent work and what looks like loads of fun, too. congrats all around.

Jewels said...

Thanks Gracie - Missed ya' there!