Sunday, April 20, 2008

What is the Mission of Submission?

The following is what I wrote for our church's blog today. Tomorrow, I will tell you the best chili cook-off story ever!

Today we read 1 Peter 2:13-3:7 and talked about submission. Pastor Amy encouraged us to think about how we define submission since the term sometimes carries negative baggage or connotations with it. Amy reminded us that submission does not necessarily mean that we are forced, threatened, or bullied into compliance.

We are given the example of Jesus as the best example of submission. His faith was not in those who judged Him unjustly but in God, and therefore He submitted to God's will by being obedient. As much as submission is an action it is also an attitude. Jesus was also humble, patient, gentle, loving and compassionate.

Our understanding of submission can be expanded to include the reason why we should be submissive. We should be submissive and live as Christ lived to be a witness to the world. As Amy said, "Christians are to live such holy lives that nothing can be lodged against the Gospel because of their example."


Calvin said...

The Mission of Submission, it could make a great song! Oh, by the way, my blog, or to say my supersite, it's a big update. Visit my blog around too maybe.

pearlie said...

Hi Julia,
It is difficult to teach submission - not a very popular character to even talk or introduce in this modern world. It is even hard to talk about submission of the wife to the husband these day, and yet it is such a required character. We are instead called to rise above it all, aren't we?

A good lesson, to submit and to yield ourselves to God. To admit and confess He is indeed God, King and Lord.

Thanks for posting this :)

Jewels said...

Hi Pearlie,

Amy handled the topic in a very sensitive way and the added dimension of the reason for it added to the message.

Thanks for the comment!

Calvin - I'll get over there soon!