Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting Ready for the Pomp & Circumstance

may 002
Gather round while I pack the last lunch. Ever.

So yesterday was Edward's last day of school and I was aware that I was packing a lunch for the last time. It felt good. I am not a morning person, so this has been a rather startling aspect to my morning. But I have 2 younger daughters, you say? They have taken on their own lunch packing duties with a gusto, but I never had the heart to make Edward do it. So there you have it.


Gracie said...

Would that be considered discriminatory? or something?
:-) In any case, I'm sure it was a job well done. You could make a lunch for me sometime if you ever miss it.

How did the girls vote on the Davids last night?

Jewels said...

Gracie - I know, I have wrestled with this same dilemma, but alas, being raised in a family of 4 daughters, I never saw how it should be done. lol. Bad excuse, I know.

The girls love both of the Davids so I think they would like them both to win!

Anooja said...

u know something Jewels, in India, kids stay on with their parents even after college and even after start working. They move out only if the college or job place is located out of their home town. The boy, even after he gets married, lives with his parents. In India, its girls who move into the boys house after marriage. Now a days there are few instances where the husband and wife move out.. it could be for convenience, independance,or simply to avoid problems ;-).here we dont have old age pension and stuff like the US. Its considered the duty of the son to look after his parents. Most of the men, if living away from parents, send some money home every month. Thats how our society here functions.
Ive read that in the US most of the children move out after school.
What is Edward planning to specialize in?
cheers and take care :)

Jewels said...

Wow Anooja,

That is interesting. Edward will be home this summer and then in the fall, he's going to Calvin College to study computer engineering. It's a half hour away, but he's going to live on campus.