Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Belated B-day to the Queen!

dutch flag
Yesterday at Calvin College

John e-mailed me late yesterday afternoon that he went to a Koninginnedag celebration at Calvin College where they were flying the Dutch flag. They had Dutch pastries and sang Het Wilhelmus, the Dutch National Anthem. The Dutch people celebrate the Queen's birthday on April 30 which was actually Queen Julianna's birthday. When Beatrix became the queen, she wanted to keep it the same day because her birthday is January 31 - not a great day for street celebrations - and to honor her mother.

Het Wilhelmus
Opa would be proud to know that when I played this song, Edward knew what it was since he learned it in 3rd grade.


Elizabeth said...

I remember when I first heard this song and Oma got all excited, stood up and started singing! I had a hard time relating.

Jewels said...

Now you can!!! I wish I would have seen that.