Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adventures at Sea

Today,,, I walked along the beach between the ocean and the shining people who were staring at the beauty and I felt their joy. It was amazing.

I later saw the dolphins jumping just off shore and the pelicans swooping low and beating their wings in perfect rhythm. That was amazing too.

I went out into the ocean with John in search of the sand bar to play catch, and with the water over my head for too long (we couldn't find it) felt pulled by a rip current. My body started to feel unusually weak and I was even a little scared. I yelled help to John and he looked a little worried, but something in his eyes told me to relax. I laid on back and floated as best as I could and kicked with my weak legs. After what seemed like an eternity of being sucked into sea with my weak muscles helpless against the force, I could finally touch my toes on the ground only to be hit several times in the back by great waves. I struggled to shore and then walked about 200 yards, gasping, to my chair. I told everyone that they almost lost me. John was so funny and calm and maybe I was a being a bit dramatic, but he said when I was waving my arms and saying help, he thought I said, Throw me the football!

This is amazing too.


Brown Eyed Girl said...

Is is John that lost Edward in a foreign country? Or, is that someone else I am thinking of? Apparently nothing rattles John. :-)

Jewels said...

Robin - You are thinking of the same John we all know and love :)

Anonymous said...

I know you are a young bride of just twenty years but a husband's hearing is a sense that often is priveleged to certain voices. Sometimes it also gets tweaked. Take that advice from a gal coming up on 48 years! (Just in case the Queen Mother failed to tell you twenty years ago!)

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Skip