Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Twentieth Anniversary

June 11, 1988

Things in their most basic form
are the hardest to put words around:
the winged tail of a shrimp.
a freshly washed pillow case,
growing crisp in the autumn air.
The late winter sun
quenching itself on a bowlful
of snow. The half moon
resting, always,
in your right thumbnail.
What I mean is this—
after the long ride home
when the grass is wet, and the dishes
have been dried, and the wrinkles
have begun to set themselves
in lines more broad
than fine, there will be you—
asleep. Your head in its infinite state
of undress. Each hair
set upon another
wrestling against the grains,
that by some unwritten rule,
must form in your blue eyes.
There will be you, again.
Alight, aloft, adrift,
in my arms alone.
There will be you
and me
and we will be
at home.
- M.C. Boyes


Gracie said...

Aw. You're such a beautiful bride. (John looks good too, but you, u look marvelous!)congratulations!!!!
Going for 40 more? :-)

Jewels said...

Thanks Gracie! If I'm still around in 40 more years, I will definitely need John here to prop me up :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love seeing people's wedding photos.

Anooja said...

Congratulations.. Jewels and John
God bless you !!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

You two look nearly the same as you did 20 years ago. Way to go. Congratulations!!!!

Elizabeth said...

This is such a beautiful poem that it brought tears to my eyes!

Jewels said...

Thanks all!!!

pearlie said...

Happy Anniversary! You look so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you liked the poem enough to post it for your anniversary. --M. Boyes

Jewels said...

Thanks M. Boyes! I think I saw it on the Smart Marriages website which I use for my work. this poem puts words to the feeling of being married for a long time. Bless you!