Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Great Mother - Daughter Double Date

All photos today were lovingly captured by Bridget Anne.

Last evening, Bridget & I met our friends Cathy & Emily of Chili Cook-off fame downtown for a picnic on the Grand River. Afterwards, we set off for a walk in the city.

At one point, Cathy presented me with a Key to the City.

The mayor seemed surprised when we gave it back.

We stopped into a clothing boutique and the girls tried on these hats.

Cathy found a vintage 70's outfit that was calling out her name.

After watching the downtown swing dancing, we had to pose by the flowers and do some downtown mountain climbing.

We finished off the night with some pretty intense ice cream... oh, and some night swimming which unfortunately was hard to photograph.


Bob said...

What a fun night! Great photos, Bridget!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like everyone had a good time!

cathyann said...

The Cathy-Emily team is so blessed to be friends with the Julia-Bridget team! Thanks for a fun night!

Jewels said...

C - Yes, I think we are doubly blessed!