Monday, July 21, 2008

More Scenes from Cinderella

I took some photos without a flash at Bridget's Cinderella performance. Since I was so worried about her hearing the shutter go off, I only took about 10-15.

chinese cinderella
Bridget is the Chinese Stepsister in green.

chinese stepsisters2 chinese stepsisters
The stepsisters do look rather mean. I was surprised at how Bridget stayed in character.

Bridget is the Grey Horseman dressed in black.

na cinderella3
Broken Wing's father tells her to be more careful around the fire so she doesn't burn herself.

na cinderella 6
Morning Star makes Broken Wing beautiful by taking down her hair before dressing her in wedding garments.

na cinderella2
Bridget, I mean Broken Wing, marries the Invisible Hunter.

curtain call
The final curtain call.


Elizabeth said...

What an interesting way to present Cinderella. I can imagine Bridget did a wonderful job. What an experience for her!

Jewels said...

Yes, it was very cool! Wish you were there!

Bob said...

This looks like a really cool performance! I'm sure Bridget was amazing. Was the Native American story the same as "The Rough-Faced Girl"?

Jewels said...

Yes, do you know about it? We're going to see her again on Saturday night.