Monday, August 04, 2008

Big Wonders

lake mich

This past weekend, we were able to soak in many of the wonders in the northern Michigan gallery of art. I was in awe of the thousands of shades of blue-green that contrasted with the zillions of grains of sand. The cloud formations themselves were a beauty to behold.

big platte lake

Our great Creator also gave us soothing ripples on the lake, a colorful rainbow, and a setting sun to take our breath away. Oma always told me I could "make" such nice pictures and that always made me laugh because it was such a cute way to translate from Dutch. I know that taking pictures isn't so much creating as it is trying to capture and enjoy and share the gift that lies before us.

lake mich 2 summer 044 sunset


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the colors in that first shot! God is amazing. His art is so restful and beautiful!

Annette Selden said...

Beautiful pictures, Julia! I think my favorite is the clouds! Awesome!

Elizabeth said...

You pictures of the clouds were "captured" at exactly the right moment. How beautiful! I think you should enter it in a contest!

Gracie said...

Glorious. Thanks for sharing!

Jewels said...

Thanks all for looking and sharing your comments.