Monday, August 18, 2008

The Day When I Didn't Shower or Brush My Teeth or Wash My Hair

lake mich2
Lake Michigan, Sunday Morning

john woods
John walking throught the forest

Saturday, we went on a short camping trip with friends from church and experienced being one with nature for awhile. It was beautiful. I didn't even mind the pit pots this time. Under clear blue skies, we enjoyed music, nature, fellowship - all the good things. John and I even woke up early Sunday morning and saw a bald eagle. As my friend Gracie would say, it was fantastic. Around the campfire, we prayed for Cathy whose back problems were becoming almost unbearable. A recent MRI had revealed a bulging disc.

On the way home Sunday morning, things started to get interesting. Some of us had decided to stop for brunch at the Steak and Egger because the name of it cracked us up. Cathy told us she couldn't drive anymore because her legs were not responding appropriately. I took over her van, and with doctors instructions, drove her straight to the ER in GR which was about 2 hours away. To make a long story short, she was quickly brought in to surgery where they performed a laminectomy. Afterwards, the surgeon told me that he was able to remove what was definitely causing her problems and felt they had done it just in time. Thankfully, now she is on the road to recovery. I saw her up in her room after surgery and we still kept talking about how we were going to wake up from a dream at any minute with the sound of rain on our tents. But today, I can see how God answered that campfire prayer for real.



Anonymous said...

It sounds like the camping trip was wonderful. Except for Cathy's back! Your pictures are beautiful, as always. Skip

Jewels said...

Thanks Skip!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that the surgeon was able to take care of the disc. God answers prayers for sure.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I saw Cathy last night and she showed me the ping pong ball they removed from her spine. I was amazed at the size but impressed that her good sportsmanship has been shining through during all of this.

Jewels said...

Beanish- We are happy she is on the road to recovery!

Robin - I hope she'll be playing again soon!

Gracie said...

Julia, your pictures are divine. and you are an angel. :-) Thanks for taking care of Cathy.

Jewels said...

Thanks Gracie,

Campfires are amazing, like you said. God is good!