Monday, August 25, 2008

The Last First Day at the Bus Stop

bridget's first day
Bridget is convinced she is the only 8th grader with a camera-toting-mom at the bus stop, but she loves every minute of it.

aug 031 aug 039
Leo joins in for the fun and excitement of waiting for the bus.

Suddenly, the bus is here.

bridget's last step
See her little foot? The last step and I got it!

ed work
Edward, leaving for one of his last days of work before he starts at Calvin, is also very excited for Bridget's last first bus stop.

maria first day 11th
And Maria is excited too, as she poses for the traditional back to school pose on her first day of her Junior year.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing these. I did my own this year for the first time!

Bridget said...

i just have the best facial expressions...

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe how "my little grandchildren" are growing up! I can see all the parents go by our house with their kids on the way to school. The summer has flown by and we have to appreciate everyday don't we? Blessings to all!

acey said...

you have beautiful children, julia! good genes! :) you take beautiful pic of them, too.

Jewels said...

Thanks everyone!!!