Saturday, August 23, 2008

Roller Coaster Loving Cousins

roller coaster cousins
Yara, Maria, Bridget & Annelise, August 2008, Michigan Adventure

Yesterday, John & I had the opportunity to take our 2 nieces from Venzuela to Michigan Adventure with our girls. We soon noticed that these 4 girl cousins with the same last name are fearless when it comes to roller coasters. We did them over and over again. When John, Maria & I rode the Thunder Hawk, their newest ride where your legs dangle and you see them several times up against the blue sky during the ride, I couldn't help but think how much trust we put in the roller coaster people and the mechanical devices that hold us in against the forces of gravity which are always there. When we rode the corkscrew, John & I were in the car ahead of them, so we could run ahead and get some photos of them during the ride.

corkscrew upside down

After several hours on the roller coasters, we hit the water parks. I found my happy spot, as Sharon would say, on the Lazy River. But then I went and ruined it when we rode a couple of stomach churners - the Tilt-a-Whirl and something I only remember as the Barf Boat.


Anonymous said...

You got some good shots!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments! I do feel better today about the whole preschool thing. I have to beat that worry back down and hand it over to God again from time to time after wrestling it away from Him. He must chuckle at us sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Is happy spot like "happy place?"

Jewels said...

I think so.