Thursday, September 04, 2008

Eddie Goes to College

Yesterday, the day arrived to bring Edward to Calvin. We stopped by John's office for a piece of birthday cake (happy 46th!) and then headed to his Ed's dorm, Boer Hall, where we moved him in. Students in "We-Haul" t-shirts carried everything straight to his room where his roommate was already moved in his roommate Paul:

paul & ed
Paul & Edward, moving in the dorm, 2008

ed dorm
Edward at his desk, 2008

After getting him somewhat settled, we had lunch at the dining hall. Then, we went out in search of a plant and an electric kettle for his green tea - 2 essential things for a health conscious runner.

aug 018
The Nellies, 2008

The girls and I came back in time for the family picnic and met John. First we stopped by Ed's room where the girls "Nellied it up". After talking to Ed at the picnic, John & I went out to Lake Michigan for a dinner party with Calvin Advancement staff, so it was a very big day indeed.


Marianna said...

I was glad that the girls 'nellied' up his room a bit - it looks a little bare. Tell him that if he needs a picture of his favorite aunt - Mar - I will send one up. So Julia, how does it feel now that your first has flown the coop?

Jewels said...

I thought I would feel different but I just feel weird so that is no different.

Anonymous said...

Cinder block walls...yep, it's a dorm room. Or wait, it's my married student housing apartment!

I hope Edward has a blast....and learns a lot too. :)