Monday, September 29, 2008

Facing My Fear on Navy Pier

After we walked by the John Hancock building Saturday night, we decided to go out to Navy Pier. We thought it would be memorable to go on the Ferris Wheel at night even though I think ferris wheels in general look boring and who wants to be trapped in a little box for 7 minutes anyway while it goes around just one time? I pretty much walk around all the time like I'm not afraid of anything while ignoring the fact that I may be a bit padded from the harsher realities which many people face.

We were greeted at Navy Pier like royalty by the beginning of the fireworks display and music and dancing. Of course now we really had to go look at the city from high above.

chicago 033

We waited for just a short time to get on the ride.

chicago 068

It wasn't long until I realized my real issue with ferris wheels is this fear of heights thing I have which I had for the most part forgotten. I took this photo which is a pretty accurate rendering of what it looked like to me.

chicago 047

John, however, was walking all over the cart leaning out taking pictures, spinning, dancing, laughing, smiling...

chicago night

Thankfully, I was able to sit still for 7 minutes finding my peace and we made a good memory.

chicago 059 john & julia


Marianna said...

Your pictures are spectacular!

Gracie said...

Seriously outstanding. I'm glad u sacrificed so we could enjoy your photos!

Elizabeth said...

You come by your fear of height honestly from your father. Love the night pictures!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are gorgeous! Good for you for riding it!

pearlie said...

Love the pictures! I wouldn't mind a ride myself, how jittery though I'd be =) Glad you made it!

Ruth said...

Spectacular pics!

Just you and John in Chicago?

Were you celebrating an anniversary?


Jewels said...

Thanks everyone!!!!