Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Sixth and Final Arthropod Collection of Our Household

mcc menu 003
Bridget holding a crayfish, 2008

So yay, we are almost done collecting bugs.

Each one of our dear children has had to do a bug collection in 4th grade and then again in 8th grade (now expanded to include the whole order of arthropods). Their science teacher told them that since crayfish get too stinky in the classroom (what and praying mantises do not?), they need to have a picture of one included in their collection. I took this as a challenge to get a most interesting picture of Bridget holding her crayfish so hence the above photo.
What is most shocking to realize is our "baby" is in 8th grade! meh.


Gracie said...

Nice capture. 8th grade? Say it isn't so!

Jewels said...

It be so!