Monday, September 08, 2008

Some Things I Love About Our Church

So we had a Potluck yesterday, but it had a twist to it. We all had to bring a sack lunch, put it on the table and pick another sack lunch. The thought of it wasn't that appealing - we all know how I feel about packing lunches. But I packed 4 good lunches and participated in the event with our family. (Edward even showed up!)

The lunch I chose had a toaster in it! The lunch was imaginitively prepared by Gracie and included a placemat, napkins and everything to make a BLT! It was wonderful. Thanks Gracie!

wilma betty laugh 2
Betty & Wilma, the church ladies

After lunch, I was walking around with my camera trying to take photos of some props for the church website. I talked to Cathy who is recovering nicely from her back surgery. It went like this:

Me: I didn't know you really had a leopard dress.
Cathy: This is my Wilma Flintstone dress.
Me: Oh yeah, I need some pictures of it, ok? (she forgot about this bloggy thing)

Since we couldn't find a big beaded necklace, Cathy, I mean Wilma, found some Blow Pops to stick in her dress. See? You probably thought that that was a necklace. Our friend Julie was looking so much like Betty Rubble that she decided also to pose, and her son Josiah was the perfect Bam Bam.

wilma betty bambam 3
Wilma and Betty look on while Bam Bam thinks about bamming on the Jimbay.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog! Gord did a survey of the men at the brown bag lunch exchange and found a very high percentage of men eating their wive's carefully packed lunch. MCC's men are not too adventuresome when it comes to packed lunches!

Jewels said...

Skip - I'm pretty sure John was one of them :)

Bridget said...

wow i actually thought those blow pops were a neckace!! nice dress cathy!

Gracie said...

I LOVE the photo of "Betty" and "Wilma"...the one where Betty is laughing. Gorgeous. You're so good. And quite hilarious. That's why we like you...I mean, one of the many reasons.

Gracie said...

OH, AND, how about the men who hid their lunch (Craig) so they could eat their own?

Anonymous said...

Count Gord in as one who hid his lunch. Don't tell him I ratted him out.

Anonymous said...

Love this! What great friends!

Jewels said...

Yes, they're the best!