Sunday, September 28, 2008

Volvo Road Trip

We were looking forward to taking the new old Volvo on a road trip one of these days, but I didn't realize it would come so soon. As I was leaving work on Thursday, Sharon asked me what I was doing this weekend. We didn't have big plans and suddenly, she realized they had an extra room in Chicago. We were certainly up for that since we always enjoy the opportunity to get away!

chicago 085 2
The new old Volvo goes to Chicago

connor sharon me
Me posing with my fairy godmother Sharon and her handsome son Connor beneath the shadow of the John Hancock building

lake mich
The sun rising this morning over Lake Michigan from our hotel room

Tomorrow I'll tell about one of adventures we had while there. Don't hold your breath :) I experienced camera difficulties while there which is typical of me when I get really excited.


Anonymous said...

She is a fairy godmother!

Jewels said...

Yes, totally!

Annette Selden said...

I though Sharon was MY fairy godmother (at least for my wedding reception)! What a great weekend to be in Chicago. And her son is a cutie!

ELK said...

road trip ~ whahoo ~ looks like a great time had by all!

Anonymous said...

A fairy godmother indeed! Because she is old enough to be Julia's mother? Perhaps sage enough to exude wisdom? Or rather the conduit for all things marvelous. Hummm, I shall choose the last.