Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Eggplant Du Jour

Many years ago, I was so fascinated by my neighbor's cooking ability that I called the newspaper! LOL! Wouldn't you know it, a reporter came out to interview her about one of her recipes, a Tuscan soup with eggplant, sausage and tomatoes. A couple of weeks ago, this neighbor called to see if I still had the recipe and I did have a preserved copy. It's so good to make when it gets cold in the fall.

recipe scan 2


Anonymous said...

I love that you bragged about your friend to the paper! What a treat for her and for everyone who got to cook her great recipe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jewels;
I had started blogging only recipes. As I read and closely followed your blog I could see the dimension your journaling added to your blog. Now I seem to be journaling more than blogging recipes. I just wish had your art of photography. One gal who recently commented on your blog had such a beautiful blog of photos. I am sure she is professional. The compliment she gave you on the photo from Queen's Tack Room was not to be taken lightly considering her extensive background in photography. I love your originality and the wit you combine!

Jewels said...

Thanks Kim - it was very fun!

Thanks Donna - I'm glad to have an outlet for my photography and the adventures of my life, lol.