Thursday, October 02, 2008

Love Thursday

This past Saturday. Edward ran in his first Half Marathon. He's never run as far as 13.1 miles before in all his years of distance training, so we were happy when he got the 2nd place trophy in his age group. We took pictures of him with his trophy, but I lost them in the great Chicago camera trauma. He gave me this refrigerator magnet to remember the accomplishment and I thought that was very sweet. When we got home from Chicago, I had this feeling all night of expectation that Edward would be coming home soon. As a friend reminded me today, he has been gone a month already.

After finally giving in yesterday to the fact that our mums are beyond help, this same dear friend surprisingly gave me these mums today. She didn't know yet about the mum story from yesterday, but she did know Edward had been away a month.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have beautiful mums again. What a sweet friend to bring them to you.