Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Happened in Chicago

Chicago, September 2008

I already mentioned the great Chicago camera trauma. Well, last week when I got a card reader, more of the photos I had taken in Chicago reappeared. Good thing! I probably never would have thought of the time John & I stood in front of the funny mirrors on Navy Pier.
Sharon says we look like the Go Go Gadget Couple!!!


Gracie said...

tee hee. That's hilarious. U're all shades of fun. (And all shapes, too. right. bad. I know.)

ELK said...

the saggy pants one is my favorite ~
you made me smile today!

Elizabeth said...

Julia, I'm so glad you took after your father and not me!

Jewels said...

Whatever do you mean dear Queen Mum?

Jodi said...

Those pics are hilarious...I'm still laughing favorite is the lonnnnnnng legs and HIGH waist on John