Monday, November 24, 2008


Sander by the sign for the Fermi Institute at the University of Chicago (near the statue of a mushroom cloud which wasn't very photogenic). At the bookstore, we saw a book called "How Math Explains the World" and Sander & I decided it sounded like a fun book!

Part of our fascination with downtown Chicago centered around the Cloud Gate in Millenium Park. This structure provided endless angles and opportunites for photos and below are just a few.

Sander & the Blogger to the right, our reflection to the left

cloud bridge 2 cloud4
Yes, that IS me in the background getting the shot at the left. John took the photo on the right.

In the next one we look like the Fab Four or some kind of superheroes.


And this next one, we look like we have just won the Nobel Prize.


Yes, you can see how fun this is!!!

P.S. Happy Birthday to Aaf :) God bless you always!


ELK said...

oh oh the big silver ball ~AMAZING!it must me there just for photographers!
Thank you for a lovely trip to Chicago without leaving my house :))

Anonymous said...

How fun to come to the States and have cousins that share Sander"s academic interests and get such a great tour of Chicago too! He will probably want to return often!
Did you think one year ago when your family went to The Netherlands you would develop these wonderful relationships with so many cousins that were no longer just names? This is neat.

Anonymous said...

What a great place for photos!