Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scenes From Chicago

Something about me + chicago + memory cards = disaster

But thankfully, we have been able to recover all of the important pictures from our recent trip. (Thank you John :) )

We first went to the University of Chicago and walked around the Physics department: me, John, Bridget, and my dear Dutch physicist cousin Alexander Ranier, aka Sander. We had a lovely coffee time at Starbuck's while there that I shan't forget.

To round out our Chicagoland experience, we went to Grant & Millenium Parks and walked a long way up Michigan Avenue in the bitter cold (very fun).

chicago grant park
John, Bridget & Sander in Grant Park

Most importantly, we took him to Giordano's for Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

giordanos pizza

We all so enjoyed this time together! We looked around many of the shops and Sander loved hearing about life in the US. We told him all about the American Girl doll phenomenon and took him to the new American Girl Place on Michigan Ave. I thought it was so cute when I heard him say "Felicity", so I took his photo by her.

opa 143

We also took one by Samantha since that was Bridget's doll.


We stayed in a hotel near the airport, and after a leisurely breakfast in the morning, we brought him to the airport. We look forward to seeing him again someday!

sander airport
And tomorrow, I'll post a few more photos that have been secured from the card onto John's laptop.


Anonymous said...

I looks like y'all had a great visit.

Jodi said...

Uhh...gee Jewels..that's one good-looking cousin you got there!

Anonymous said...

Julia - what good hosts you guys are. I can't wait to hear all about it.

ELK said...

happy traveling!

Calvin said...

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