Sunday, November 09, 2008

Someone is 57 Today

1950s 011
Oma Boyer (who I have mentioned several times this week already), Uncle John, Uncle Alan & the Queen Mother as a child

It's a little hard to believe they had color photography like this back in the olden days, isn't it? But yes, the little toddler in this photo is Uncle Alan and he's 57 today! He wrote me yesterday how my mom had gotten him his first camera, a Kodak Duaflex II almost like the one I just got for my birthday. SO I would say this camera-love-thingy runs in the family.

Go Alan, get your game on, it's your birthday, hey Alan...if I was there, I would do this cheer for you and it would be so fun wouldn't it?


ELK said...

gosh that is such an amazing photo ~ the cars were so big !

Anonymous said...

I love this photo! Hope he has a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

I bet the birthday boy would love to have that classic car in the photo today in his garage! What a beauty! Happy Birthday Alan, you are so lucky to have such beautiful neices and sister!

Alan said...

Well, the fact that it IS a color photo indicates that the previous generation had a camera nut too. Not just color, but in stereo as well in the original. I had a very wonderful week-end. Thanks for the birthday wishes.


duck flower said...

What a wonderful photo !

It´s a 1950 Cadillac and the car in the background is a 1950 Chevy.

I´m making a webite for the Scandinavian Chevy´s, 1949-54 carclub, you can check i out here: