Monday, December 29, 2008

Aunt Michaela, It's Your Birthday!

uncle ray aunt michaela
Master & Mistress of Ceremonies, 1988, of our wedding

I always think of Aunt Michaela on this day, December 29 because it is her birthday. So firmly engrained in my head is the "way" about Aunt Michaela that I was just thinking that last week when I went home for Christmas that I would walk over next door for a visit. But no... I forgot she moved. So anyway, here's a happy cyber-birthday Aunt Michaela!!


Marianna said...

Dearest Julia - don't you remember that she got married on her birthday? Happy Birthday and Anniversary Aunt Michaela. You're still gorgeous as ever! Marianna

Elizabeth said...

Life would not be the same without our "Aunt Michaela" would it?

Anonymous said...

If this is Aunt Michaela in 1988 she has found the fountain of youth. She never seems to age with the years. Donna