Sunday, December 28, 2008

On the Occasion of Edward's 19th Birthday

Below, we are gathered around the table at our Christmas ham dinner, and this is what we do every year for Edward's birthday. As we were setting the table, Mom told me it was an "occasion", and so it was. We celebrate Christmas the evening before with the entire family present, and my sister Paula's family comes on Christmas, too.

Christmas Dinner

This year, I was struck by how Edward looks like a college student now. He only blew out 18 of his 19 candles, which surprised me seeing that he is a runner. He must have been laughing.

edward's b-day

You can see below he really did get red velvet cake and he does not appear at all deprived by having a Christmas birthday. Mom said that by reading my blog, she remembered to get the peppermint stick ice cream too. This involved an exasperating trip to both the IGA and Drug Mart, but it was worth it.

tree 049


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he appreciated the Peppermint ice cream! It looks like a wonderful birthday.

Deirdre said...

What a wonderful looking family and fun 'occasion' ! Hope you had a nice and relaxing holiday. :)

MaryAnn Ashley said...

What a great family! It was fun to catch up & see your other photos too! Happy New Year.