Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sharing a Birthday with Jesus

Back when I was overdue with Edward 19 years ago, I remember an old lady walked up to me at church and told me I was cheating my baby having it so close to Christmas. This didn't set too well with me at the time being overdue and all, but I've since realized what a blessing it was for our son to be born on the day when peace and joy reign.

No one could plan a bigger celebration of your birth! You have the whole anticipation of Advent building up to the day and everyone is bustling all about you. Instead of rubber balloons that pop, there are millions of bright white and colorful lights glowing in every home, and instead of clowns doing magic tricks for your friends, you get to gather around a beautiful tree with your family and eat Red Velvet cake and peppermint stick ice cream.

tree 070

And so, Edward loves his Christmas birthday even if he does get birthday presents sometimes wrapped in Christmas paper, and he never sees his friends on that day, and the best one - the COMBINED Christmas/Birthday present :)

ed b-day
Edward, a jolly old Santa


Elizabeth said...

Dearest Julia, It is because Edward shares his birthday with Jesus, we have had the joy of celebrating it with him here in Ohio. Love it!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

How about celebrating his 1/2 birthday instead???

Annette Gysen said...

I'm sure it's a challenge, but it can be done. My dad's birthday was yesterday, and Henry's is today. Maybe Christmas birthday people could have a support group! It always amazes me how people (especially women) have opinions about when babies should be born. Do they not understand how it works? Anyway--Edward doesn't look like he feels cheated. I'm sure he hasn't been. Happy birthday, Edward!

Bob said...

My birthday is the week before, but I have always loved it. You've captured the essence of the December birthday perfectly. It's the perfect time to have a birthday because everybody is already celebrating anyway! The Christmas Day birthday is the ultimate celebration!

Anonymous said...

Any reason to celebrate with red velvet cake and peppermint ice cream is a good day!

I hope he enjoys spending the day with his family and sharing it with the most wonderful gift we could have been given!

ELK said...

my hope is that your day is filled with laughter , fun and the making of fond family memories...indeed what a day to celebrate!!
great shots of your grown up son and I am so coming over for the cake and ice cream ...Wink!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I read your blog again today and had to laugh. I guess I missed the part about the lady coming up to you. Like you had control over when Edward make his arrival. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.