Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adventure With the Setting Sun at Pyramid Rock

You can almost see in New Mexico why the Native Americans there would worship the sun without the Bible to tell them about the God who made it. We heard of one Zuni Indian who almost became a sun priest, which is the highest rank in the tribe, until he heard a voice which told him to worship the One who made the sun. He had remembered this from his childhood at the Zuni Christian Mission School.

The sun is so big and bright in the big blue sky and as it moves through the day, the light changes, painting the deserts and skies so many different colors.

rehoboth 079-1
The highest point in the Red Rock vicinity where we were is Pyramid Rock at 7487 feet high. We had just over an hour to make the 1.5 hour hike by sunset, but we were determined.

rehoboth2 086 rehoboth2 088-1
The views on the way up were ever-changing and spectacular. I was pretty focused on my lungs most of the time as the low iron count in my blood was having trouble getting oxygen to them in a timely manner at such high altitude.

rehoboth2 082-1
I finally had to relinquish my camera and coat to John who took the photos at the top and on the way down. I almost gave up, but John kept me going.

rehoboth2 094-1

rehoboth2 096-1
I am very very happy to say we made it to the top by sunset!

rehoboth2 095-1
Every turn on the way down displayed even more incredible vistas. It's much easier to really see them on the way down except for when the sun goes way down. In the dark, John & I lost the trail once, but we waited for our well-prepared traveling companions who were carrying flashlights, and we all made it down safe and sound.

rehoboth2 116-1 rehoboth2 112
rehoboth2 114 rehoboth2 110


pearlie said...

Wow.. excellent shots you have there, of such spectacular views. A wonderful and amazing creator we have, and a good photographer ;)
Thanks for sharing them with us!

ELK said...

oh how honored I am to see these fabulous shots ~just such an amazing place Jewels!

Anonymous said...

How awesome that y'all made it for the sunset. What a memory. Beautiful photos!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome pictures! they look like postcards! Isn't our creator awesome?