Monday, January 19, 2009


Soon, I'll adjust back to the eastern standard time, Latitude: 42° 57', North. Longitude: 85° 39', Monday, January 19, back home, but for now, my thoughts are still on our trip. I did do a few Leo pix already, but that is because we just connect that way and I hadn't really spoken to him yet.

I loved how everyone went with the flow on our trip out to New Mexico. I had my tripod with me and everyone was game to take a shot during sunset when the moon was full on the horizon somewhere in the middle of Kansas. Our group was a rather eclectic bunch, bound mainly by the faith we shared. We ran into a group from Calvin College that was in the southwest for an astronomy interim and they all knew Edward. One of them told me that he loved the fact that we had an inter-generational group, and I felt kind of like a grandma when he said this, well, at least a mom old enough to have a college student.

rehoboth 010-1
The photo above was taken just a few hours before we started losing it in the LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church van. We stopped at Sonic to get supper and someone started talking about the zombies from la grave while doing the motions. Stuff like this gets to me especially after driving through the night and a whole next day and I laugh until tears come rolling down.


Betsy Joy said...

:) I liked the "intergenerational" part, too (since I suppose that's what it was) since the other groups I've done service projects were with people closer to my own age. It's definitely a different set of dynamics, but I liked the way us six worked together! We rocked! ;)

Hope you get a copy of those pictures to me soon. I keep looking through my own, but I can hardly wait to browse yours!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great photo! Sometimes those "losing it" times are the best.

PS. I know exactly what you mean about the dog. I'm not a dog person either, but Gisha is one sweet thing. When I see how she tolerates The Bean's attention, I can't help but love her.