Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Last night was awesome! I feel like a champagne bottle every New Year's Eve, so excited I'm about to pop open. The anticipation is almost more than I can bear!

It all started yesterday when a friend of mine, Gerda from the Netherlands, dropped these off because they are a dutch New Year's Eve tradition. Who can guess what they are?

New Year

In the afternoon, I made not one, but two cheeze balls. In the evening, we went downtown to church for food, ping pong & other games. My friend Cathy & I started a new old year's eve tradition of splitting a piece of chocolate ho-ho cake. This makes me laugh. Later, we went to some friend's to hot tub & toast in the New Year. As midnight was approaching, I wasn't ready. It just came too fast. The TV channel we were watching cut over rather ineffectively from the ball drop in Times Square to the one in downtown GR and then 2009 was blinking on the screen. There was nothing I could do except get a kiss from John.


Elizabeth said...

Of course your parents who are very familiar with the Netherlands know that it's oliebollen!

Alan said... what is oliebollen?


Elizabeth said...

It's a yummy deep fried pastry covered with powdered sugar!

Anonymous said...

Anything that leads to a kiss from your hubby is a good thing!

Alan said... it's hush puppies!


Jewels said...

more like greasy donut holes w/ raisins :)

Anonymous said...

They are dutch fat balls! (Oliebollen) Yum, we used to make those all the time. We could start a new MCC tradition and have them hot out of the frying pan! Skip
PS Sandy's Donuts on the West Sides makes really yummy ones.

Betsy Joy said...

YAYYYY OLIEBOLLEN!!! It was a tradition for many years in my family to have it for dessert on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately I've not eaten it in a long time. :(

ELK said...

best thing to do on the last day of the drink and be merry!

pearlie said...

These looks a bit like what we have here in Malaysia called Cekodok Pisang(Banana Balls) :)