Wednesday, January 21, 2009


One of the highlights of our trip to New Mexico was a sunrise trip to the cemetery. We walked there on the deep ruts of the frozen red clay through the sage bushes covered with icy frost and I thought to myself, I can't believe I'm doing this. But we went there with a Navaho, who told us all on Resurrection Rock how he came to know Jesus, and it was worth every minute out there in the 16 degree pre-dawn temperature.

rehoboth4 024

Whenever John & I think about going to a cemetery, we always think back to when our kids were young and we would visit cemeteries out East. We would see one, and the kids would all say, "Cemetery, everybody out" (of the car). If you look closely at the ground in front of us, you can see the small white crosses.

rehoboth4 017-2

rehoboth4 017-1

Finally, the sun did rise...

rehoboth4 027

... and the walk back revealed a new day.

rehoboth4 035

rehoboth4 036

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Annette Gysen said...

These are all gorgeous, but I really like the more close-up one of the crosses against the snow.

ELK said...

the white crosses are really stunning ~thank you for sharing your images with us Julie

Betsy Joy said...

So THOSE pictures are the reasons I kept running into Eric in front of me! ;) I like them though. Hope I get some copies soon! Teehee. You missed out tonight, after you left Hope Lodge! We had a blast. :) Hope you can stay longer next time!

Dine With Donna said...

Your trip to New Mexico sounded wonderful and what a Christian way to serve the Lord. You were praising the Lord in his works of nature while helping your fellow man. Your team made it so much fun! Your photos were great!