Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Walking Under the Sun

Yesterday, I saw the sun glistening on the gunmetal grey ice. What? Did I just say, "sun"? Someone said we had only 3% of total possible sun during the month of December.

I also saw some vintage taupe snow piles next to the green grass. What? Green grass? All things are new!

tree 039
I was just happy to be walking under the same sun that shines on us all. Walking? I haven't been able to go out walking in about a month because of my bad knee, but now it's finally getting better and I can get out again for long walks which will hopefully serve to get me back into rhythm.


ELK said...

your photos really show how much you enjoyed the vitamin D

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Happy...happy.. glad to hear that your knee is on the mends and you are able to enjoy your walks again. The sunshine is glorious!

Annette Gysen said...

I like your sunny pictures! Capture it when you can. Glad your knee is doing better.

Bob said...

Looks like a day of pleasant surprises. Down under in Ohio we were pleasantly surprised by a nice snowfall to brighten things up. Perspective...

"Vintage taupe" is a great way to describe those piles of snow. I'm going to start using that one.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in that first photo!

Glad your knee is feeling better.