Sunday, January 25, 2009


On our last full day in New Mexico, we went to the Zuni Pueblo. We started by doing the chapel in the Zuni Mission School, helped in the classrooms and prayed with the teachers. Zuni is a very different place: immense poverty and rather untouched by time. We had been told to be sure to pray before we enterred because it is a spiritually dark place, and it was.

zuni mission school

After helping out in the school, the pastor of the church there gave us a tour of the area. We were told that photography was not permitted, but he said it was ok, just not during their ceremonies. Still, I wanted to be respectful which is sometimes hard when your camera is almost as big as your head.

rehoboth5 062-1 rehoboth5 061-1

We looked around in one of the pawn shops for awhile, but John & I didn't stay long. We waited outside and I was resisiting the urge to walk around shooting photos. We must have been approached 8 times by people trying to sell us fetishes, which are little animal carvings that represent the traditional fetishes that each had their own spirit. Finally, I walked next door to sneak this photo of these ovens which are a typical sight.

zuni ovens

On the way out of the pueblo, we saw this magificent mesa which is called Dowa Yollane.

Dowa Yallane

Dowa Yallane 2

I don't think I'll ever forget this place and the time we spent there.


pearlie said...

Wow ... the mesa picture is awesome!

which is sometimes hard when your camera is almost as big as your head
Haha ... I know what you mean coz mine with a flash now is even worse!

Anonymous said...

The mesa is beautiful!

Hopefully, the work y'all did will strengthen God's presence there.

ELK said...

beauty inside and out here...

Bob said...


Dine With Donna said...

Your week in New Mexico was very interesting and the photography was awesome.

Văn Sát said...

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