Sunday, March 08, 2009

21st Century Cwoffee Twolk

During yesterday's rainy, drizzly Saturday morning, I headed downtown to meet some friends for coffee at the Urban Mill. I noticed right away how our little Volvo station wagon felt right at home.

coffee 003bw

I wish I had taken more pictures, but for some reason, I was feeling a bit camera-gun shy. Something about putting a camera in between the faces of people talking perhaps? Anyway, we had a good, good time and 2-1/2 hours FLEW by... What made this coffee time into a 21st century event was the social networking via laptop going on concurrently with the cwoffee twolk thus enabling us to have a few virtual sips with people who couldn't make it. Fun times.

cwofee twok


Elizabeth said...

Reminds me of U. Alan! He would love it!

Paul's Blog said...

So when is the next Volvo convention?

Alan said...


No big whoop. We'll tawk, we'll have some coffee.