Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He Watches Me

2 bird diptych

The other night when we were at Paul & Deirdre's house, they brought out some old Canon lenses from an old film camera they no longer used since Deirdre shoots with a Nikon now. They told me to take one home (the 100-300 mm telephoto) and check it out while they used the other to finish up a roll of film. (Yes, it was kind of like a Julia Child/Emeril Lagasse/Santa Claus evening!) When I tried it at home yesterday afternoon, I kept getting an "error 99" message. I looked into it and found out it could be a few things which I tried with no success. Finally, I read that someone had gotten an old sigma lens to work on their Canon with the aperature wide open. I tried it and Voila! It worked.

I immediately went out on the deck and shot the above birds with my canon :) I couldn't believe they just sat there while I did. With the aperature wide open though, it was a little overexposed in an artistic sort of way. I realized I had the ISO set at 400, so I adjusted it to 100 and took the photo below after the other bird left.

I was so excited that I had probably shot something like a white-throated brown-haired grey-chested kingfisher until John came home and told me it was a sparrow and burst my bubble.

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.


Gracie said...

First, I have to say, go Nikon! tee hee.
Secondly, wow, gorgeous. How fun to see all that detail on a wee sparrow.
Third, to the watches thing, I rejoice and am grateful!

Deirdre said...

WOW!!! Those first pictures are WAY cool. :)

I am sending the other lens home with John tonight. You have to let me know if it works! :)

Annette Gysen said...

Very beautiful, Julia! I love sparrows way more than white-throated brown-haired grey-chested kingfishers anyway :)!

Elizabeth said...

What a great picture! Your evening sounds memorable!

ELK said...

wow Jewels that is a cool story and even better...the photos are so cute! ELK

Anonymous said...

Have fun with it! Beautiful bird!

Alan said...

Birds don't have hair. Mammals have hair.

Jewels said...

Alan - Now YOU burst my bubble :)