Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Bird Party

So in honor of Leo's tenth birthday, we got him a bird feeder. Not really, but that was sort of the sequence of events around here. I approved of the one with the nice copper look for its photogenic properties. Last Saturday, John & I very carefully picked a birdseed with a nice mix not knowing what we might see in our backyard.

leo 023

In less than 24 hours, we had a regular finch resort in our backyard. I was watching them nest up in the tree, knock seed to the ground and fly up & down from the ground to the tree to the feeder. It went on like this for days. I thought this would be the extent of it for the summer.

finch diptych
Woohoo, finches.

Tuesday afternoon, in the midst of a drizzle, I happened to go over to the window and with Bridget as my witness, I saw a bluejay, 2 cardinals, a robin, a mourning dove, a sparrow, a red-winged blackbird, a goldfinch. I didn't even know I knew the names of that many birds! It felt like this must be every bird I knew! Pure excitement! Birds living in harmony! I was so excited that I screamed! They all flew away. I later identified 2 more of the birds I saw in that cacophony as a black-caped chickadee and a brown headed cowbird and who knows what else I'm forgetting. And furthermore, they finished all of the birdseed in that brand new birdfeeder.


chicadee black caped red winged blackbird
robin etc Missed the shot of the bluejay.

Ok, now in all seriousness, I went to pick up Maria from school and told her about my day. I came home and walked over to the window again, excited about what I might see, and wouldn't you know it? A duck!


I wouldn't be surprised to see a penguin at this point. I do hope to get better bird photos with my tripod, different lenses and a brighter day at some point. It will be fun, I promise.


ELK said...

wow you have quite the group there with no RSVP!

spread your wings said...

i love the bird feeder. and apparently the birds do too. i've had so much fun watching and photographing birds in my yard, too. I just recently moved the feeder so that i have a better view from my window.
that's so funny about the duck showing up.
seems alot of us are bird watching these days. it will be interesting to see the different birds we each encounter.

Judy said...

How blessed you are to get such a variety of birds visiting your feeder! I would LOVE to see finches at my feeder! God Bless and I will visit again.

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I hope the squirrels leave it alone!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Oh, I would love to be able to have a feeder to attract birds. That is so cool. Our dogs eat birds or paw at the window and scare them all away. What a nice gift for Leo.