Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rare Bird Spotting


We saw many birds in Florida that we don't see often here in Michigan. Of course there are the seagulls which come to think of it, I often see in the Meijer parking lot. They aren't quite as photogenic there. This reminds me of the first time my dad ever wore shorts - I think when he was in his 30's - a seagull pooped on his leg.

birds squ

We saw a heron building a nest,

heron squ

some pelicans perched on the rocks,

birds st andrews

and sandpipers pecking around in groups of 4.


But the rarest bird of all was the Birdget which I captured below.

bridgie fly


J.H said...

hi, I guess I am new to your blog. But I would like to say, I love the way you too the picture! And seems like you are so blessed with 3 beautiful free of charge models :-)

ELK said...

great capture mom! the beach looks beautiful

Annette Gysen said...

It's interesting--the seagulls do look much more appealing here than in the Meijer parking lot. Nice pictures!

Elizabeth said...

Love the bird pictures. Awesome! However, I'm not familiar with the one with the black and gray stripes.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!