Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunset vs. American Idol



Down where we stayed in Florida, we could walk out of our door at 7pm and watch the sunset over the ocean. I took an exciting shot the first clear night, but I wished I had some sillhouette models. Who would not want to do that? I'll tell you who - 2 little girls who need to see every minute of American Idol when it starts at 7pm, central. The next night, I dragged them out to watch the sunset amid protest.

pc 153

You know what happened? They began to dance! It was so exciting!

jumping sunset

And that is the story behind the photo "Risen."

rejoicing square

I was so happy after I took these that I sat there and watched that evening's show with them. And I even saw that rapper guy who calls himself Flor Rida which in itself was funny enough.


Anonymous said...

Julia: Those are pretty special pictures!!! I love how they turned out. Sandy DeVries

Anonymous said...

What a great story, Julia!

ELK said...

oh the memories you have right there ~
so special!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Just stunning! I see that first sillhouette as a canvas wrap.

spread your wings said...

i absolutely love the last image. how fun!

Georgia B. said...

these are so so cool! found your blog through ELK. great photography!