Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Amazing Day

Last week, Skip, a friend of mine from church, asked me to take pictures at the wedding of Stella and Marcus who also go to our church. It was such a gorgeous day for this beautiful bride and groom and it was such an honor to be there in the midst of it all. A couple of these photos I think are among the best ever that I have been able to capture. Stella has a brain tumor which made this wedding exceedingly special - we are all praying for her!

stella marcus 046
Stella hugging her dad who she hadn't seen in about 3 years

stella marcus 019-1
Stella with her 2 daughters who were bridesmaids

stella marcus 022-1
...and with her youngest son.

stella marcus 079 stella marcus 099-1
Her dad walks her down the aisle and Pastor Mary performs the ceremony.

stella marcus 119-1
Pastor Mary and Jeremiah react with joy as the bride & groom kiss.

stella marcus 147-squ
A very sweet moment after the ceremony...

stella marcus 144
.. and another.
stella marcus 186-2
The whole family gathers around the wedding cake.


spread your wings said...

special moments captured indeed. what a beautiful family.

Sister Paula said...

Two of the pictures welled up tears! Great shots Julia!

Anonymous said...

Julia, these shots are great. I even welled up with tears. You really did a great job!

Elizabeth said...

Julia, This is so awesome and I'm so happy you could be a part of it! Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You can see the joy!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Beautiful... I have tears too. Sweet. Such a saturated blessing. Thanks for sharing.

Gracie said...

It's beautiful. I especially love the location. :) You're so good Julia!

Anooja said...

Jewels.. the pictures are so beautiful.. it was so touching to see them. Even my eyes filled up. You do such a good job!! Take care