Thursday, July 02, 2009

Down by the River

deirdre by river

I haven't posted much from last Saturday's photoshoot yet. I loved how Deirdre described the event. It truly was great fun! We ended up going to a river which I loved - it's such a great metaphor for life. I took a few shots which showed the movement of the river.

photoshoot 035-2

photoshoot 051-1

This shot shows the movement of the geese:

photoshoot 077-1

I wanted them to hold their heads still a minute but they wouldn't cooperate. Finally, I managed to get this one:

photoshoot 078-2

They did this with their heads for a split second too:

photoshoot 079-1

I did a zoom technique and got this photo which makes me think of the Garden of Eden, kind of dreamy:

photoshoot 109

I think this one shows a bit of a silky flatness:

photoshoot 036-1

And I couldn't get enough of the green reflections in the water:

photoshoot 187-1
I'm looking forward to our next outing!


spread your wings said...

sounds like a nice outing and you experimented with some neat techniques. T was down at the river yesterday too but I haven't seen her photos yet.
that zoom technique is very cool and the motion of the water you got is fantastic. it's great to have a photo buddy isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I like these, Julia!

elk said...

these are so spectacular each so different from the next!