Friday, August 21, 2009

Flash Back Friday 129

cubs game 1988 2
Jonh & the blogger, 1988, at a Cub's game in Chicago

Today, John & I are headed to Chicago for a night downtown like we used to do before we had kids.


MaryAnn Ashley said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. We are headed up the coast on the train today. A first for my girls & husband.

Gracie said... this is a great picture of you and John. But what is even more noticeable to me, is that the young lady to your left (from my view, the right) in the Cubs shirt, smiling, looks EXACTLY like a friend of ours in Seattle. And her name is Dora. (Not the explorer, Dora, just Dora.) Could it be? I'm sending this link to Hildred to see what SHE thinks. (Stay tuned!)