Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Where Did the Summer Go?

The girls start high school today and after a busy weekend, I'll post a few of the other pix I took of Maria. We hope to get out again for a few more (and with different outfits).

maria 210-sep

maria 242-2

maria 082-2 maria 150-1 maria 152-1


Deirdre said...

Great pictures. What lens did you use?

Jewels said...

Thx D - 50mm for all.

sister Paula said...

awesome pics Julia. I have to say it helps having a beautiful subject to work with!

elk said...

beauty in font of and behind the lens...wishes for a super year!

spread your wings said...

oh wow these are fantastic. i love the black and white at the steps - the perspective is great.