Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tied to the Tracks

katie2 171-2
Katie, Class of 2010

This past week, I took more senior pictures of Katie. We went by the bridge and to other spots downtown and ended up by these railroad tracks. Well, that's not where the night ended. Her mom, an old friend of mine from my actuarial days, and I went out for ice cream at Coldstone where I had the coffee lovers sundae. Mmmm-mmm.

katie2 009-1

I worked with Katie's mom for about 15 years and remember when she was born. Now that makes me feel old!


Sharon said...

Beautiful photo on railroad tracks. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!

Jodi said...

Julia...the way you worded that sentence you SHOULD feel what you wrote....sounds like you meant you remember when her MOM was born! :))

Jewels said...

Hi Jodi - I noticed that after I wrote it but I must have been too tired (and old) to change it :)