Thursday, August 13, 2009

What to Do on a Rainy Day When Stranded on an Island

kelleys 067-1
Take photos in the rain.

kelleys 066-1
Try to make it to the grocery store to buy cheetos. If you get stranded on the porch for awhile, you just pose for pictures. (Bring a photographer along and you will always have fun)

kelleys 119-1
Eat the cheetos with grandma on the couch while watching Julia Child on TV.

The rain turned out to be a good thing! It did clear up. The following photos are posted especially for Sharon who wanted to see more of the island and maybe not so much of the babes on the island.

kelleys 239-1
The yellow building with the green roof is Kelleys Island Venture Resort, the hotel built by my dad and his partners.

kelleys 236-1
Maria, Bridget & the Queen Mother head back to the mainland on the ferry!

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elk said...

perfect shots and commentary must have so much fun !