Saturday, September 05, 2009

Back At It

ed vw1

I didn't realize I would feel such deja-vu today when we moved Edward back to the dorms at Calvin. He moved into Vander Werp hall which is the guys half of the dorm where I was an RA. If any of you were RAs in college, you know how you can always recognize another RA later in life. It's true. This year, when we met his RA, I held it in... it was so hard! Edward & Maria both thought it was strange that I was holding it in, they could tell, but I didn't want to embarrass Ed like I thought I did last year. He told me it would have been okay.

ed vw4 ed vw3 ed vw2

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elk said...

hang in there mom...and in one year we'll do it again with #2!